I’m intrigued by the ethereal quality of translucent materials as they interact with light. Stratus is a reexamination of old materials in regards to more recent inspirations after having moved to the mountainous state of Vermont. wax paper, walnut lumber, thread, plexiglass, screws 2017
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Each piece embodies the conflicts within different relationships in my life: my family, lover and myself. The entanglement with family issues, the suffocation of love and obsession, and the procrastination and hesitations within myself are released through the act of writing, then presented according to the conflict. ink, thread, paper, fabric, wood, glass 2008
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Controlled Chaos

A self-portrait of internal chaos contained within a neatly presented, transparent exterior plexiglass, toothpicks, lightbulb, masking tape, vinyl, rope, hook 2006
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